Rose Gold Coffee DNA Caffeine Molecule Necklace - Unique Science DNA Pendant Necklace

Rosa Vila Jewelry

Rose Gold
Carbon Black

Caffeine - world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. We turned its chemical structure into a piece of delicate jewelry. Perfect way to show your nerdy and quirky side!

* Unique design with intelligence! Caffeine chemical molecule necklace for coffee lovers, coffee enthusiasts, science lovers, biology majors, biochem studies, and chemistry majors.

* Length: 17 inches

* Pendant size: 2" by 1" 

* Will ship within 1-2 business days (from US)

* Great gift ideas - mother's day, birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, anniversary, Valentine's day, girlfriend, best friend, best friend, roommate, boyfriend, friendship, mother, aunt, uncle, mother, sister, teacher, professor, coworker, boss, manager, neighbor, bachelorette, party etc. Girl pendant necklace, men's necklaces, women's necklace, choker necklace, necklace for men, necklace for women, charm necklace, jewelry

Type: Necklace

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